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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/216626176/wooden-top-whorl-drop-spindle-decorative


February melt down!

Seriously it’s February 24th! I have left you hanging with nothing more than January’s socks for company!

February has so far been a “Challenging” month! There has been illness and upset and animal passing’s which have made it all pretty grim so far.

We said goodbye to Boris the guinea pig and Sooty the rabbit this month. Poor Bernard (Guinea pig brother of Boris) and Amber(Lion head Rabbit sister of Sooty)  who are left alone in the hutches look decidedly forlorn. Lots of love and treats go in their direction.

The Chickens are laying once again “Hurrah” We await Pip’s first egg. Did I tell you that we also sadly lost Squeak? That was a sad day. Big Chicken our elderly ex Batt hasn’t begun to lay again and quite honestly we’re happy that she’s still with us enjoying scratching around being boss of the coop. Silverstream and Sherlock and we believe Duchess (although could be big Chicken) are laying daily ..our egg collection is a colour chart! Small Bright white eggs from Sherlock, Large Blue eggs from Silverstream and Mahoooosive brown eggs from Duchess or Big Chicken.


In other news….socks…Februarys socks began life as these.10978495_10152574018176689_1790251913177895390_nbright blue and soft and silky.

Then I dyed this


100% Merino How could I resist?

10978671_10152583512191689_8886446864357399461_nSo these turned into February’s socks because I couldn’t resist starting them and I’m so glad I did. I am really enjoying knitting these. Using a basic Sock pattern but using a 2×2 rib for the entire leg and top of foot. Really soft and lovely.Normally i’m a straight up “has to match” girl but i’m loving the random splodgeyness (new word you can use it 🙂 ) that this is creating. I have 1 sock done and another half way.

februaryssocksLook at the stripey heels and toes! Just love them!!

These are going to be so cosy for my holiday in the Lake District next month. As for the blue ones they will in the WIP pile I will find the perfect yarn for March socks.

Knit on my lovelies knit on



January’s socks rock!

Ha! I laugh in the face of sock challenges! Complete and with 3 whole knitting days to go the January socks are done. Complete. The best part is they line up , match and belong together. Twins of the identical type not the kinda close but meh i can see the difference. Very pleased.


Stripes. Love them!


Now I need to find the right yarn for February Socks.


I’m going to go a feed the chickens smug in the knowledge that my feet are toastier than a toasty thing in January’s socks.



A pair a month

I have set myself a challenge for this year. I want to make a pair of socks each month. January’s socks are having the heel flap knit for the second sock tonight as I had finished number 1 and put it in the bag and completely forgot about casting on number 2. Big mistake I can’t get caught by second sock syndrome in the first month!!

So January Socks

It is January there is NO light!


A vanilla sock pattern. Yarn is

Drops Fabel Print in colour 674 Heather Print which can be found here

I really like the colour change.

These need to be finished by Saturday or I fail before I begin!

Knit on



Video nasty

Well I did it I produced 2 videos.

Despite the warnings of “i’m going to make a video do not shout me asking for money, underpants, toilet rolls or anything else at all in the world” I forgot to tell anyone who wasn’t in the house at the time. So when the phone rang I in my stupidity thought the kids would answer it…they did eventually. It was Mr G who was full of apologies for interrupting the traumatic fun little video filming. Fortunately it was just at the end of removing the Batt from the carder so a pretty good place to stop. However, editing was a completely different experience. The sound of my own voice was painful! And what is that I do with my hands!?!?!? So i’m going along hiding my head in shame  when I hear the phone ring. I stop the editing to go answer the phone – no one there. I go back to the computer begin from the start with the editing…..nearly done, Phone rings, I stop I go to answer, no-one there.


6 times I answered that phone 6!!!!

I am now going to contact Steven Spielberg to warn him of his competition.

You can view the offending videos here. Do not go to answer the phone at the end of video 1 it’s a trick!



Heres a picture of the swatch made from the yarn made from the batt made in the video…..


Card on!



Sunday lovely Sunday

Sunday has arrived all too quickly!

Why do Sundays fly past much quicker than any other day?

So far I’ve managed to feed the chickens and put the dishwasher on not quite as productive as i’d hoped for 11am!

I have finished spinning a rainbow single which is looking rather smart on the bobbin. This is being kept safe for a Navajo plying video. Yes video! Blimey I am slightly nervous (huge understatement) about these videos…yes multiple as in more then 1 eeek!

There will be a video for Fractal spinning, combination drafting, plying, dyeing, blending, spindling, lots and lots in the pipeline and I am NERVOUS!!

I shall now go and set up my IV caffeine drip and practice not saying arse or bugger. These words I feel would not be welcome in my videos. I should get myself some great editing software i think.

Happy Sunday all



Busy making a marketplace

It’s been hectic.

Work is very busy – thats the day job…proper job..not the spinning,dyeing,knitting job!

There’s a new market in town for all UK spinners, dyers, fleece producers, fibre artists ,weavers…you get the picture if you “faff” with fibre this is the market for you!

You can find the Market Place on Facebook here…..


Come and support us xsitum